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Open positions

The countryside offers many opportunities

Seasonal work

  • Seasonal work in agriculture begins in the spring and, depending on the production plan (needs), there is enough work until the end of the year. During the summer months, most of the seasonal workers are employed in strawberry picking.

A journey of potato

Our values

  • Prosperity of the rural industries

    We are helping rural entrepreneurs to sustain and develop their businesses.

  • Vitality of life in the countryside

    Jobs and the workforce are the sources of life and development of rural areas. Our activities are contributing to life in the countryside in multiple dimensions.

  • Expertise

    Our services are based on solid knowledge of the countryside and its conditions. We provide high-standard services and are able to act promptly in accordance with our customer needs and changes in the market.

  • Trust

    We are acting transparently, responsibly, and efficiently. Our close cooperation with the customers contributes to our reliability.

  • Passion

    The prosperity of the countryside is a common goal of the company's owners, and we are promoting it with great passion and belief. We utilize the high visibility of the owner organization all over Finland to supports the strong community spirit of the countryside.